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Fridays Rental Pick, loft edition

This one from

Located at Brickell on the River, 41 SE 5 St. The listing says:

“Great Corner Unit Bi-level loft in the center of Brickell with assigned parking space. Stainless steel appliances. 2 large modern bathrooms, new fixtures, basic cable and internet included. HOA approval required. Complete amenities and beautiful lobby. Valet parking on site.”

Guess there’s not much getting away from typical Miami style, white on white, tiles, full mirrored walls etc. But I’m digging the loft with this one. Is 2750 a good deal for a 1289sf  2bd/2ba corner unit loft?

It’s #nationalcatday

Send pics of your cat to and I’ll post them here.

Meanwhile check out some adorable cats and kittens in need of adoption at the Human Society of Greater Miami

Here’s Gabriel, a 3 month old domestic shorthair mix                             

And Misty, a 3-year-old housetrained domestic shorthair                                              

Is city hall for sale too?

No I mean the building, the City of Miami Administrative Building to be precise (although it is the de facto city hall). The corner lot at SW 2nd Ave and SW 3rd St has been sold it seems, to a developer who has plans for a “multi family luxury rental project” coming soon.

The Miami Herold among others reported a month or so ago that the city wanted to sell the entire lot, including the current building and 2 acres of prime riverfront property. No word on where the city wants to put a replacement building, somewhere cheaper no doubt. However sale of the building would require a voter referendum. How would you vote? Is this yet another example of the city’s lack of civic pride? Miami is the only major city in the country I can think of that doesn’t have it’s city hall centrally located in its downtown core. Most cities with a waterfront grew around the river preserving public access to and showcasing what should be its biggest asset. Miami’s past leaders have sold our riverfront land to developers who fence it off for private use or worse, as even major hotels on the river treat it like a dark back alley to be ignored and neglected. I’ll give credit to the current effort to restore public access to the Riverwalk, but on some levels even that seems only to be a way to appease the developers. I’m not opposed to development mind you, I just think that Miami should take more civic pride and treasure a gem like the Miami River.

Leave your thoughts below, I’d love to hear them.

L’incontro has had a major makeover

L’incontro at 350 S. Miami Ave has been holding their grand re-opening during October. Originally opened about a year ago as a mini-market with a sandwich counter, they’ve done away with the grocery concept and added a bar and more seating, calling themselves a gastro pub now. Menu items include a cheese board with wine flights, “Lincontro Burguer”, tacos, superfood quinoa bowl, ahi tuna bowl, and homemade stone over pizzas. I love that they have Angry Orchard on draft.


The concept looks great and well executed. Unfortunately they are still in the gated Riverfront condo complex which limits the traffic passing by. They were competing against another mini market, Aura, directly across the way -the only other retail space making it in Riverfront, so here’s hoping this works out better for them. If you’re within walking distance to the S. Miami Ave bridge stop in for lunch or after work drinks sometime.


More people, more stuff

The new -formerly named East Coast Building, now BoxVault Self Storage is nearing completion. Looks like it could have a rooftop restaurant, if there’s a lack of those in Miami. I’m digging the graphic design work on the east side of this building, nice that they put an effort into jazzing up what would have been just a plain box.


From #thebrickellscoop

Brickell will account for a little over 4,800 units out of the estimated 13,800 units coming to Downtown Miami

  • source -Miami Downtown Development Authority “MDDA