Is city hall for sale too?

No I mean the building, the City of Miami Administrative Building to be precise (although it is the de facto city hall). The corner lot at SW 2nd Ave and SW 3rd St has been sold it seems, to a developer who has plans for a “multi family luxury rental project” coming soon.

The Miami Herold among others reported a month or so ago that the city wanted to sell the entire lot, including the current building and 2 acres of prime riverfront property. No word on where the city wants to put a replacement building, somewhere cheaper no doubt. However sale of the building would require a voter referendum. How would you vote? Is this yet another example of the city’s lack of civic pride? Miami is the only major city in the country I can think of that doesn’t have it’s city hall centrally located in its downtown core. Most cities with a waterfront grew around the river preserving public access to and showcasing what should be its biggest asset. Miami’s past leaders have sold our riverfront land to developers who fence it off for private use or worse, as even major hotels on the river treat it like a dark back alley to be ignored and neglected. I’ll give credit to the current effort to restore public access to the Riverwalk, but on some levels even that seems only to be a way to appease the developers. I’m not opposed to development mind you, I just think that Miami should take more civic pride and treasure a gem like the Miami River.

Leave your thoughts below, I’d love to hear them.