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Activity at Boulevard Shops

The Boulevard Shops, a rare Art Deco beauty originally known as the Shrine Building being home to the Shriners in its first years appears to be getting some work done. Renovation?
boulevard shops

I’ve always thought this would be a great space for a restaurant with it’s second floor patio. Being right across the street from the Knight Concert Hall and Arsht Center makes for a great location. Plus I’d love to see it preserved. With as much demolition as looks to be happening, I figure if they were gonna tear the whole thing down it’d be done by now.  A Pubbelly concept, …anyone? Continue reading Activity at Boulevard Shops

Now open: Garzón

Walking by today found Garzón has opened, yesterday 11/16 apparently.  I’m looking forward to reviewing this restaurant, Uruguayan cuisine seems to be the new hot trend lately. At least the sign in the windows prior to opening promised “the best Uruguayan farm to table”.  The website isn’t up yet and OpenTable shows a coming soon page although it lists it as Spanish cuisine. Swire Properties has also recently announced a Uruguayan restaurant in the East Hotel nearby.

At SW 9th St and Brickell Plaza, Garzón is next to the soon-to-open Baru Urbano and Tucandela.
Uruguayan cuisine

Notice to Repair or Demolish

This notice was seen posted in the window at 101 SE 1st St., the quaint little 3-storey building at the corner of SE 1st Ave. and home to Trial Copy.

Now that the Langford is almost ready to open its trendy new boutique hotel, and the Cento Lofts is also nearly complete anchoring the other end of this block, what’s next? Almost a year ago MiamiToday reported that a mid-rise condo developer was targeting this block, specifically the Video &  Camera Center at 113 SE 1st St.  I don’t know what’s going on inside TrialCopy, but if this building does not have historic designation I have to wonder if this is an attempt at a land grab to gain control of the entire corner of that block.

Is a condo developer targeting this corner?


Cool buildings, Miami style.

Does anyone know what this building is? I’m assuming it’s part of the National YoungArts Foundation, but is it an art gallery inside? I’m picturing a super cool space with lots of light coming through all the bits of colored glass. The only door at the base seems to be for maintenance access so maybe it’s entered from underneath the plaza?

Ed. Note:   The smaller building, called the Jewel Box, was built in 1975 and the entire complex was the former Bacardi headquarters until 2009.

Fridays Pet Pics, adopt a dog edition

From the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

Herbie is a 2-year-old Terrier, Border, Basset mix. Loves tummy rubs and playing with any toy you can share.

Ginger needs a loving forever home. She’s a 6-year-old Terrier, Jack Russell/Purebred.

And Tahoe, a 3-year-old Retriever, Labrador/Mix  looks like a happy dog who can’t wait to be your best friend.


If you can’t adopt a dog did you know that Humane Society of Greater Miami has a Foster Care Program?

The Bark Around Town program is a great program that allows you to be a foster for just one day as you take out one of our doggies to enjoy a day out on the town. Just as an Adoption Ambassador would take a dog to pet-friendly venues and Humane Society adoption events, Bark Around Town participants do the same, but would return the doggie to the shelter after their day of excitement. This program is perfect for those looking to help a doggie socialize and find a home, but cannot necessarily take the pet into their home for extended periods of time. Email for more information.

Miami Underline Park

Mark your calendar, Friends of the Underline is having a public meeting on Mon, Nov 9 6-8pm at University Of Miami School of Architecture, Glasgow Hall, 1223 Theo Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables.

For all interested parties including residents living within a half-mile of the future Underline corridor from the Miami River, north of the Brickell Metrorail Station to Dadeland South Metrorail stations. RSVP and get directions here.

The meeting will run approximately two hours and discuss the public process and input received, and how it informed the final master plan framework design. Please note that the meeting date and time frame is subject to change. For more information about The Underline project and updates on the public meeting, visit

The Underline is a proposed 10-mile stretch of biking and pedestrian trails and park spaces located beneath the county’s Metrorail, in the Transit Department’s Right of Way, between the Miami River north of Brickell and Dadeland South stations. The project’s vision is to enhance connectivity, mobility, and biking safety for hundreds of thousands of Miami-Dade residents and visitors.





Homeless Awareness Day, Nov 5th

From Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust

Homeless Awareness Day is Florida’s premiere homeless event created to unify multiple communities under a theme of ending homelessness. Schools, churches, synagogues, government entities and non-profits come together to communicate that ending homelessness is solvable problem.

The event takes place in November each year and consists of nearly 75 different events and awareness programs. From a community-wide business breakfast, to school “Cardboard Brigades” to meter adoption ceremonies, the community steps up to participate and/or create their own events that help raise awareness of solutions and raise the voices of the needy.

There are many ways to participate:
Curate a Cardboard Brigade. Take to the streets to remind the community about options to panhandling. Look at how exciting these events can be!
Host a school or community discussion on homelessness. The Trust has a curriculum we are happy to share.
Offer your business or community organization access to Homeless Helpline cards. We can get a cardholder to you, along with cards that provide easy reference to our Helpline number.
Call our organizing team and brainstorm programs that are tailor-made for your organization or school.
Adopt a Britto meter and be recognized publically for your participation.

For more information, email