Homeless Awareness Day, Nov 5th

From Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust

Homeless Awareness Day is Florida’s premiere homeless event created to unify multiple communities under a theme of ending homelessness. Schools, churches, synagogues, government entities and non-profits come together to communicate that ending homelessness is solvable problem.

The event takes place in November each year and consists of nearly 75 different events and awareness programs. From a community-wide business breakfast, to school “Cardboard Brigades” to meter adoption ceremonies, the community steps up to participate and/or create their own events that help raise awareness of solutions and raise the voices of the needy.

There are many ways to participate:
Curate a Cardboard Brigade. Take to the streets to remind the community about options to panhandling. Look at how exciting these events can be!
Host a school or community discussion on homelessness. The Trust has a curriculum we are happy to share.
Offer your business or community organization access to Homeless Helpline cards. We can get a cardholder to you, along with cards that provide easy reference to our Helpline number.
Call our organizing team and brainstorm programs that are tailor-made for your organization or school.
Adopt a Britto meter and be recognized publically for your participation.

For more information, email HADmiami@gmail.com.