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You lift bro? Check it out, finally something happening in the Mint at Riverfront.


Society Barbell & Fitness has taken over the largest commercial space in The Mint along the riverwalk. It’s about time, commercial space in the Riverfront complex has been seriously lacking, and in the Mint completely empty for years.  Looks like a pretty hardcore weight training and CrossFit facility. But what a great view to have for it.



What the…??

Fox in a Box! I saw this while walking by the other day, had to look it up to see what it’s about.



Apparently it’s a room escape adventure game. Could be fun.  I love seeing new things to do downtown. Choose from several scenario’s… bank robbery, prison break, Zombies!  Wonder if it’s mostly corporate team building exercises. Or something fun to do with friends while waiting for the new season of Archer to start.

Anyone done this? 28 SE 1st St. near Macy’s.

L’incontro has had a major makeover

L’incontro at 350 S. Miami Ave has been holding their grand re-opening during October. Originally opened about a year ago as a mini-market with a sandwich counter, they’ve done away with the grocery concept and added a bar and more seating, calling themselves a gastro pub now. Menu items include a cheese board with wine flights, “Lincontro Burguer”, tacos, superfood quinoa bowl, ahi tuna bowl, and homemade stone over pizzas. I love that they have Angry Orchard on draft.


The concept looks great and well executed. Unfortunately they are still in the gated Riverfront condo complex which limits the traffic passing by. They were competing against another mini market, Aura, directly across the way -the only other retail space making it in Riverfront, so here’s hoping this works out better for them. If you’re within walking distance to the S. Miami Ave bridge stop in for lunch or after work drinks sometime.


More people, more stuff

The new -formerly named East Coast Building, now BoxVault Self Storage is nearing completion. Looks like it could have a rooftop restaurant, if there’s a lack of those in Miami. I’m digging the graphic design work on the east side of this building, nice that they put an effort into jazzing up what would have been just a plain box.

Coming soon

River Oyster Bar isn’t the only one staying in the thought-to-be-soon-torn-down block surrounded by the Brickell City Centre construction zone. 2 doors up from the now under renovation River Oyster is another impressive remodel. Rumor has it will be a new coffee roaster. Will keep you posted.

Hi Miami I’m Rex. I’m in search of a logo and mascot. I’m thinking something fun, cute and cuddly, more of a puppy than a dinosaur (although they could be fun too). If you have any ideas I’d love to see them. Send an original photo with clear background, or cartoon (non copyrighted, you know, something I can use), and if I choose your design I’ll credit you with a special write-up right here on this site for all to see and send you a t-shirt with your design on it.