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Riverwalk benches

Hey Miami River Commission, why does Miami have the ugliest benches ever along the Riverwalk? Are there any civic-minded designers out there with ideas for better, cleaner, brighter seating, to give the Riverwalk a much-needed lift a city like Miami deserves.




How about at least replacing them with a few of single seat types, like these found around Brickell Village.  Spaced apart a bit -like every other one, to discourage them from being used for sleeping benches.


The river should be a showcase that we can be proud of, that residents and tourists alike will use, not an abandoned dark alley avoided by most if possible.


Why is there no access to the Miami RiverWalk at the Brickell Ave bridge?

The West side beside the Hyatt Regency looks like the best option, already stairs built-in.  Just need to clear all the brush, pave a pathway and brighten the space up a bit.


Miami Underline Park

Mark your calendar, Friends of the Underline is having a public meeting on Mon, Nov 9 6-8pm at University Of Miami School of Architecture, Glasgow Hall, 1223 Theo Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables.

For all interested parties including residents living within a half-mile of the future Underline corridor from the Miami River, north of the Brickell Metrorail Station to Dadeland South Metrorail stations. RSVP and get directions here.

The meeting will run approximately two hours and discuss the public process and input received, and how it informed the final master plan framework design. Please note that the meeting date and time frame is subject to change. For more information about The Underline project and updates on the public meeting, visit

The Underline is a proposed 10-mile stretch of biking and pedestrian trails and park spaces located beneath the county’s Metrorail, in the Transit Department’s Right of Way, between the Miami River north of Brickell and Dadeland South stations. The project’s vision is to enhance connectivity, mobility, and biking safety for hundreds of thousands of Miami-Dade residents and visitors.





Seen better days

The JFK Torch of Friendship monument in Bayfront Park needs some love. I don’t know if the letters and plaques have just fallen off, or maybe scrapers have been pulling them off but several are missing.

-fun fact, did you know that the mayor of Chicago was assassinated in Bayfront Park while shaking hands with President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933?

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