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River Oyster Bar closed for renovations

Not long ago it seemed like the River Oyster Bar would be leaving their Brickell location along with most of the other recent closures. They even had a new site picked out up the river. Apparently the entire block isn’t to be torn down just yet with Brickell City Centre construction going on all around and ROB will be staying for a few more years. They’re even renovating the space. Unfortunately that means they’ll be closed for a while, November 2nd seems so far away. Stay tuned for reopening celebration plans.

Pizza of the week -Crust

I  think I have a new favorite pizza place. Crust at 668 NW 5th, north of the river overlooking the bridge.  The mozzarella caprese and grilled octopus  were delish for starters but let’s face it I came for the pizza. Their specialty, the Crust Pizza (figs, prosciutto & blue cheese) is not to be missed.  Maybe wanting to be more than just a pizza place the rest of the menu seems a bit heavy with many options like sandwiches, pastas and other entrees.  They also have a good wine and beer selection that only needs a good rose and cider to be complete.

I’m possibly remiss in not beginning this post with a mention of the service.  Hostess and owner Anita Kovaceski, along with her husband, Chef Klime Kovaceski,  was a great example of the best hospitality you’ll hope to find anywhere in Miami.

The location may seem out-of-the-way for those not familiar with the area, but it’s only a block past Seaspice, and Crust also has valet parking available.  They’re open 5pm-10pm, 11pm on Friday and Saturday, and closed on Monday. The outdoor patio area wasn’t set up on my visit but I’ve heard they have plans, it seems like a good casual option for grabbing a quick bite on one of these cooler days, pre-sunset, while walking your dog. Inside is more Mediterranean themed, classy and comfortable.  Reservations are available on OpenTable.


Looks like Offerdahl’s Café Grill at SE 3rd Ave/SE 2nd St is closed. Remodeling maybe? Or maybe just too much competition from new lunch places opening up the block? I’ll post updates as I see them. Anyone miss this place? Or would it make a better location for …a tequila bar?
It does have a cool door.