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How about “Old Town”?

Last week Eleazar David Meléndez wrote an article in The Biscayne Times titled “The Definition of Downtown” in which he struggled with the description, boundaries, and definition really of downtown Miami, before finally ended up sending inquiring tourists to Mary Brickell Village.  What’s most clear from this scenario is that the Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) attempt at branding has failed. DWNTWN really is no more than a visual curiosity, but becomes an annoyance when pronunciation is attempted (anyone else hearing a muffled sound?).  And if it is  pronounced “downtown”, well that doesn’t solve the issue of defining the neighborhood geographically or characteristically.


Like many large cities Miami has many neighborhoods. Unlike some cities, we cannot visually point out downtown for the tall buildings as they continue on for miles through Continue reading How about “Old Town”?