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Big Riverwalk news

Could it be finally happening? Is One River Point about to finally restore the Miami Riverblock  er Riverwalk. I’m waiting excitedly for confirmation from the developer, but it looks like all the bushes have been removed and fence is posting going up. It looks a bit narrow but if the river access is opened up connecting the Riverwalk all the way through from downtown to the 95 bridge by the Miami City (Hall) Administration Building, yeah!!!


image image image imageimage

Here’s hoping any fence will be temporary. I’m expecting to see a row of Royal Palms planted inside, with matching pavers leading to the bridge.

ed note/update-  If any brokers are going to any of the One River Points’ Sunday #roseontheriver events, please ask about their plans and timeline for the RiverWalk. ORP has so far ignored all my inquiries and requests for information.

RiverWalk seating challenge

I’ve always wanted to see the Miami RiverWalk improved and see its full potential, I guess since the Miami River Day festival earlier this month I’ve been even more focused on the river.  And seeing two new big developments about to happen, now is the time to push for those improvements. I made an observation last week about the benches, so here are some ideas.

Seating should be single seat type with no back or armrest, allowing user to sit, lean or take a short rest, but not allow for lying down or provide long-term comfort. Top can be flat or curved, although if flat a slight slant is preferred. Placed only in open, well-lit areas, in groups of two or three and spaced far enough apart that one can’t stretch across to lay down or sleep.  Design and color should reflect a distinct Miami style attractive to residents and tourists.

seat seat3 seat2 image


Why is there no access to the Miami RiverWalk at the Brickell Ave bridge?

The West side beside the Hyatt Regency looks like the best option, already stairs built-in.  Just need to clear all the brush, pave a pathway and brighten the space up a bit.